Food Combinations So Deadly They Could Kill You (But Probably Won’t)

Bananas and milk/fruit and yogurt

4. Bananas and milk/fruit and yogurt

Continuing the negative reporting about fruit, Ayurveda says that the combination of bananas and milk “confuses” the digestive system, causing it to release toxins. The fact that a banana tastes sweet but becomes sour upon digestion, while milk becomes sweeter in the stomach, is the purported issue. However, there is no scientific evidence that your stomach is confused by any food combination.

Ayurveda also says that sour food and dairy together diminishes “digestive fire,” whatever that is, so yogurt in general is out. Ayurveda additionally suggests that yogurt changes intestinal flora – which is true – and leads to the development of toxins that spark cold, cough, and allergies – which is not (unless, of course, you are legitimately allergic to dairy). The probiotics in yogurt are good bacteria that aid digestion. And fruit, once again, will not slow digestion to the point of fermentation in combination with yogurt or any other food.

Should you avoid it? Skip these combos if you are allergic to any of the individual elements, but don’t worry about digestive confusion, new allergies, or the risk of making wine in your stomach.

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