These 15 Regular Foods In Your Fridge Could Be Deadly!

Opened Spices

3. Opened Spices

Spices and dried herbs can add a significant flavor punch to a dish, but once opened they’re prone to losing their strength and flavor intensity.

To preserve their freshness keep dried herbs and flavors closed tightly and stored in a dry place away from heat. Besides spices themselves, pay attention to what  cans they are stored in. Plastic kitchenware may be dangerous by itself.

4. Nuts

The natural oils contained in most nuts might cause them to deteriorate pretty quickly and will affect their taste.

Nuts that have a naturally higher fat content can go bad almost as quickly as you can eat them. You may wish to opt for lower-fat containing nuts such as almonds and pistachios to satisfy that occasional nut fix. Naturally, that will help you maintain your body-fat low and even get that flat belly we all desire.

Reduce the odds of your nuts going bad by keeping them sealed in a container that is kept in a cool place.

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